Enriched with nourishing ingredients born primarily in nature, the Aveda Salon collection is formulated to pamper hair, skin, and body. Every product is created to address a specific concern, be it oily skin, hair loss, aching muscles, or overall tension.

There are products for every skin and hair type, including scent-free items that indulge hypersensitive skin without irritation. There is an understated luxury about the Aveda line, whose goal is ultimately to celebrate beauty and life, naturally.

Indeed, the botanical lineup is completely free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and phthalates. Instead, it contains naturally derived or organic ingredients from all over the world.

The harmony expressed between beauty and the planet can’t be denied, and nowhere is this more evident than in the vast range of powerfully effective, animal-friendly, and cruelty-free products from Aveda.

Paul Beaune NY Salon is proud to be of the few Aveda Salon Charlotte salons that sell Aveda Salon products.


Protect Your Hair

aveda salon hair products

  • Dry and damaged hair doesn’t stand a chance against Aveda’s range of protective products. Prevent color fade with innovative Color Conserve; repair and strengthen problematic strands with Damage Remedy; and combat a mane starved for moisture with deeply hydrated Dry Remedy.

Revitalize Your Hair

aveda salon hair revitalization

  • Indulgence is a fine art best expressed through Aveda’s revitalizing products. Gain instant shine with the gloss-boosting Brilliant collection; plump up fine hair with the weightless power of Pure Abundance; invoke a sense of immediate calm via aromatic Shampure; and reduce hair loss with the thickening Invati range.

Men’s Grooming

aveda salon mens grooming

  • From cleansers to aftershave to sunscreen, our Aveda Salon in Charlotte has the men’s market covered with a comprehensive collection of products that treat, heal, and nourish all skin types. Plant-powered ingredients provide gentle, effective care that soothes and normalizes, yielding a line perfect for his daily regimen.

Body & Mind

aveda salon serums

  • Bid farewell to dry hands and feet. Aveda’s hand moisturizers and serums are infused with elegant oils that deeply hydrate and heal. The potent foot cream contains a cocktail of soothing oils and gently exfoliating fruit acids that work together to eliminate stubbornly dry spots and soothe even the roughest spots.

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Quality Hair Care at Paul Beauné NY Salon

Luxury and quality go hand in hand at Paul Beauné NY Salon, your local source for all things posh and glamorous. Warm, open, and atmospheric, our Aveda salon in Charlotte caters to clients who know exactly what they want from their hair care—and even those who need some guidance in that department. That’s why you’ll find only the best, most innovative, and most effective hair care products from some of the world’s leading brands.

Our goal is to work with you to create a lasting relationship centered on your hair’s unique needs. Your stylist will get to know your hair on a personal level, and can steer you to the products that will best treat, nourish, and heal your hair. Are your strands dry and lifeless? Do you need to soak up excess oil at your roots? Could your normal hair use a little boost? Is your recently color-treated hair in need of a little amplification? Is your frizz suddenly out of control? Maybe you just need something new for the season, or want to give your hair some extra TLC. Whatever your goal, there’s a product in our vast collection for you.

You’ll find it all: shampoos, conditioners, deeply nourishing masks, hairsprays, and other styling products that work overtime to give you the look you crave. These are salon-exclusive items that are only sold by authorized outlets, so you can guarantee you’re purchasing authentic, high-quality brands that deliver real, visible results. It’s all that you could ever want for your hair—and so much more. Paul Beaune NY Salon is proud to be the Aveda Salon Charlotte.