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Our Salon is near South Park of Charlotte NC. We offer a spacious and open feel environment where everyone feels welcome. Enjoy our refreshing raspberry, mint water or even a glass of wine. You can also check out our exclusive products only available at authorized Salons. We’ve tried for a Salon that’s comfortable and impressionable. Our employees are also a big part of our atmosphere.

Welcome To Our Salon


We want you to feel seen and heard and cared for. We are a team of stylists, and encourage you to work with every stylist who can best fit your schedule and needs.  We understand relationships. For us, customer service is about making sure that each guest gets the service and style they want and is excited to return to PBNY.

Best Hair Coloring Services


From all-over color to highlights, creative colors and color corrections, our stylists have the knowledge, training and experience to get you the results you are looking for. Our hair color experts have a sophisticated understanding of color and the expertise to create just the right shade for you.
Our color line includes Goldwell, with 100% Grey coverage and IPS ( Integrated Protect system) with the latest state of the art formula with shine, protein and Intra lipids.  

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Best Hair Cutting & Treatments


Healthy hair is an essential component of beauty. Heat styling, hair coloring and even aggressive detangling can cause breakage and damage. At PBNY, we want your hair to not only look healthy but to feel healthy to which we provide a variety of professional in-salon treatments. So whether you are looking for a treatment designed to rehydrate and restore or a treatment that enhances your hairs natural shine while protecting your color, Paul Beaune NY Salon has the treatment for you.

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Quality Hair Care at Paul Beauné NY Salon

Luxury and quality go hand in hand at Paul Beauné NY Salon, your local source for all things posh and glamorous. Warm, open, and atmospheric, our salon in Charlotte caters to clients who know exactly what they want from their hair care—and even those who need some guidance in that department. That’s why you’ll find only the best, most innovative, and most effective hair care products from some of the world’s leading brands.

Our goal is to work with you to create a lasting relationship centered on your hair’s unique needs. Your stylist will get to know your hair on a personal level and can steer you to the products that will best treat, nourish, and heal your hair. Are your strands dry and lifeless? Do you need to soak up excess oil at your roots? Could your normal hair use a little boost? Is your recently color-treated hair in need of a little amplification? Is your frizz suddenly out of control? Maybe you just need something new for the season or want to give your hair some extra TLC. Whatever your goal, there’s a product in our vast collection for you.

You’ll find it all: shampoos, conditioners, deeply nourishing masks, hairsprays, and other styling products that work overtime to give you the look you crave. These are salon-exclusive items that are only sold by authorized outlets, so you can guarantee you’re purchasing authentic, high-quality brands that deliver real, visible results. It’s all that you could ever want for your hair—and so much more. Paul Beaune NY Salon is proud to be your top choice for all your salon needs here in Charlotte.